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Decatur’s Legacy Park is a 77 acre site featuring a 150 year old orphanage with 34 historic buildings.

Organized primarily around a central spine and loop road are early 20th century stone houses, an historic school building, renovated office spaces, an idyllic stone chapel, stone barns and workshops, and large assembly rooms. Natural features like our lake, meadows and forests complement the campus.

From southern small town life to the Eastern Block, period pieces to modern adventures, the campus offers environments suitable to all manner of story lines.

Easy access is available throughout the property, and most locations are well suited to undisturbed filming opportunities.

Rate Schedule

Daily Rates

Daily rates are as follows

Basic Fees

Film Shoot Days $4,500 (8-hour day); $6,000 (12-hour day)
Prep/Wrap Days $3,000 for a 12-hour day
Hold Day $500 per day

(Additional fees may apply if continual 24 hour usage is required)

Rental Spaces

The site includes 34 buildings and 77 acres of land. Daily rates may vary depending on the number of buildings requested, the size and scope of exterior production and the impact the project may have on existing tenants and programs at the site.

Damage Deposit

20% of the total Rental Fee is required to reserve the use of Legacy Park. This fee is escrowed and refunded within 45 days if there is no damage and all rules are followed. Checks should be made to The City of Decatur with Legacy Park Rental noted on the payment.

On-Site Staff Support

The City will provide an on-site staff building maintenance specialist or equivalent as requested. Payment for staff hours allocated to this project will be paid directly to the City of Decatur at a rate of $25.50 per hour. Payment for hours will be calculated at the regular city rate and an overtime rate of $38.25 will be applied for any hours worked outside of regularly scheduled hours.

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